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Fine Photographic Portriteture
Photographer Marilym Yomans

Specializing in Equine Photography
Horses and rider
For those who are fortunate enough to have the experience of knowing a horse, a photograph that accurately captures that animal's personality and noble beauty is something that will be cherished forever. We excel in capturing the unique bond between horses and their riders. A photographic portrait of a rider or owner with their beloved steed expresses so much about the bond between them. Our horse and rider portraits show that unique bond. At Cloudbrook Photography we specialize in capturing the passion and connection between horse and rider in our photos.

We also specialize in portraits of your horse or groups of horses. Our equine portraits are of the highest quality. As horse owners ourselves, we fully appreciate the wonderful beauty and temperament that is so characteristic of horses, and strive to capture this in our photographs.
We travel to stables and farms throughout the bay area and we take our time to ensure that the portraits are exquisite.
People portraits
Photographic portraits are meaningful beyond the capturing of an image, whether they are of a family, a couple, a child, or an individual adult. Your portrait should capture who you are. Portraits taken in nature (beaches, forests, parks) or cityscapes (museums, harbors, urban backgrounds) not only add interest to a photograph, but also can surround the subject in beauty. Choose the surroundings that allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We can help you pick the best locations. We also offer studio settings. We use an all white or black background as this keeps the photo clean, allowing the subject to really stand out.

People portraits
Pets Capturing Pets Capturing
your devoted pets personality in a classic portrait is a wonderful keepsake. As with our human portraits, we use both studio and natural settings, color or black and white. You can photograph the pet alone or include you! At Cloudbrook we focus on your pets' personality and beauty.
Art photography: nature and abstract
A sunset, an ocean storm, a flower. Photos in nature can evoke a feeling that reminds you of a place, a time or someone special. Photos such as these underscore the simple beauty in our world. In our hectic lives, a glance at a photo of nature can often restore calmness and order. Please inquire about prices.

Art photography: nature and abstract

About the photographer
Marilyn Yeomans has had a fascination with photography for more than 20 years. After admiring the photography of others, she decided to try her luck at it 5 years ago. Starting with simple digital cameras, she soon realized, based on the feedback of others, that she had a gift for capturing not just a photographic image, but a moment, an emotion. She continued her education by entering a school for photography. Marilyn sold her first photos at an art show a few months later. She has always been one to enjoy observing the world around her and composing photographs in her mind, thinking about the best way to capture a moment forever. Photographing people at different stages of their lives is important and rewarding. Capturing the facial expressions of a mother or father as they hold their child, a child exploring the world, a couple deeply in love, or the wisdom of a mature individual; these are moments in life that should be captured.
Cloudbrook Photography is named after a stream that ran through the dairy farm in Vermont where Ms. Yeomans spent much of her childhood. Most of her work has been through referrals; people who have seen her work have asked her to photograph their horses, children or families. Cloudbrook Photography keeps growing and we thank everyone who we have had the pleasure to photograph. Thanks!!

galleries equine pets people and families nature and abstract