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Stepan Razin Tours is one of St.Petersburg's most reliable travel companies - as reliable as the Stepan Razin brewery that was founded in 1795.
Two hundred years of history, gold medals and awards for outstandings beer. Our travel company is not as old as brewery that founded us, but we hope one day to be as famous as our brewery.
The travel company Stepan Razin Tours is a fully licensed travel operator and offers both inbound and outbound travel. more information

St.Petersburg is waiting for you!
  • Full range of tours and excursions
  • Talor-made itineraries
  • Programmes of special interest
  • Theme events
  • Quality accommodations at competitive prices
  • Visa support
  • Programmes for professionals

Sightseeng and visiting St.Petersburg's word famous architectural masterpieces and magnificent palaces in the city and suburbs.
River cruises along the Neva
Dining in excellent restaurants that offer Russian cuisine traditional folk songs and folk dancing
Trips to places of interest in Russia - the Golden Ring of ancient towns around Moscow, Karelia, Lake Baikal, and many other choices

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St.Petersburg, Russia
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