The Stepan Razin brewery

Two centuries have come and gone. And Russia has seen her share of changes. Russia has lived through its tsars, its bolsheviks, and its reformers; what was once considered fashionable has been relegated to the archives of history. But one thing remains unchanged—the celebrated taste of Stepan Razin beer.

Russia's oldest brewery now claims another first. The Stepan Razin Brewery is the first Russian brewer to go on the Internet with its own WEB-site. Take a look at our pages and you will surely want to try our beer. We are proud to present information about our line of brews and our company's history. In fact, if you are a beer history buff, you will derive great pleasure from a visit to our Brewery Museum. And be sure to drop into our Razin Club to learn about the St. Petersburg locations where you can sample the real beer flavour of Stepan Razin's traditional brews. We've kept the taste of real beer — for you!

Created by " Qbix" on 19 Oct 1998